Ranking 2015



a) Have the right to participate in the “scoring 2014″, all Club members who are current in the payment of dues Marbella Golf Club. (Not to participate in the annual ranking new members who register from October 1, 2014, so that they will in the annual ranking of 2015)

b) be valid all events organized by our Club listed in the competition calendar for 2014, and not otherwise specified by the competition committee, which published in advance, this exception if the tournament was not valid for the annual ranking.

c) They will play about 25 tournaments individual number which may vary at the discretion of the competition committee which communicated the suspension or new tournaments including if that were the case. Of all the tournaments held by the Club computed for the best overall score taking as reference a maximum of 65% of the total tournament, (16 top tournaments to 25de annual forecast).

d) Take into consideration three categories for all tests:

1st. – Category to 11.4 handicap

2nd. – Category from 11.5 to 18.4 handicap

3rd. – Category from 18.5 to 26.4 for men and 36 for ladies

e) The handicap of each player will determine the category to which it belongs, keeping the same category throughout the “scoring 2014″. The initiation handicap shall be evidenced in the Royal Spanish Golf Federation to January 12, 2013.

f) For the competition committee expressly authorized the use of electric cars, laser gauges and GPS applications on any test.

g) apply the rules adopted by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation and local rules Marbella Golf Club and each field where the competition is held.

h) As a permanent home for the year 2013, in all tournaments will apply the standard ball placement in closely mown grass, (possibility of placing ball at a distance of not more than one card that is placed always in street ).

i) methods of competition and game:

All categories will compete in Stabledford mode but four tournaments played to-play Medal. (One in spring, one in summer and two at the end of the season)

The game mode can be changed exceptionally at the discretion of the competition committee, but this variation will be communicated in advance.

j) Registration: Members are required to sign up to 19:00 on the Wednesday before the conclusion of the competition, indicating the name, by phone or by e-mail to the Club.

k) Check Out: Once closed registration lists, The Competition Committee shall, for each test, making the departure times, and composition of items, that for ten (10) scoring the last tournament Ranking the top 8 finishers in each category will play in the order that established the competition committee. This order may be modified at the discretion of the Board and / or the Competition Committee in response to the particular circumstances of any of the tests. Registered members should inform the departure time on the website Golf Club, (www.golfmarbella.net).

l) scoring rules:

1. – All players will receive as a result they made the following points:

Points Stabledford

36 points = 20 pts

35 points = 19 pts

34 points = 18 pts

33 points = 17 pts

32 points = 16 pts


19 points = 3 points

18 points = 2 pts

17 points = 1 pts

16ptos or more = 0ptos

2. – In the four competitions, to be played in the Medal-play mode will be marked:

Points Medal Play


Par for the course = 40 points

1 over par = 38 pts

2 over par = 36 pts

3 over par = 34 pts

4 over par = 32 pts


16 over par = 8 pts

17 over par = 6 pts

18 over par = 4 pts

19 over par = 2 pts

20 over par = 0ptos

3. – The first five finishers in each category will receive the following additional points:

1st place 7 points

2nd place 5 points

3rd place 3 points

4th place 2 points

Ranked 5th 1 point.

4. – Everything under par player who will also receive three bonus points for each low performing, except in the medal-play mode which will join six points for every low.

Example stableford, played with 40 points to 39 points first will be:

20 points the result 36 (20)

12 points, three for each low (4×3)

7 1st place

 Example Medal Play: Player 9 which ends with handicap 78 strokes 69 strokes gross and net, and ranks second:

Score 69 shots on a par 72, the player receives 20×2 = 40 points.

For every low: 3×6 = 18 points

Finally 5 points for position classification.

Total 63 points.

m) Amendment of handicap: they apply the breaks and corresponding in each test and apply the rules adopted by the RFEG, the Competition Committee will notify the change to the aforementioned Federation, handicap these modifications will be made through the Club where the competition is held, and will be the responsibility of these perform them and Marbella Golf Club. The Competition Committee reserves the right to make cuts for appreciation, as the game developed by players.

n) Sanctions: The Competition Committee punish those partners in the following cases:

1. – Any player who arrives late at the start of his departure will be penalized 5 points or hitting the card total.

2. – Any member of the Club who misses ethics in the field, and staff of the facility, not flatten chops and replenish the bunkers will be penalized with 20 points less than the cumulative overall and was immediately disqualified from the test.

3. – The Wrong Handicap registration on any test will be sanctioned club with 20 points accumulated in the general and immediate disqualification from the event.

4. – Any player who does not leave their game, without the express authorization of the Competition Committee, the score you get in the competition will be canceled for the annual ranking.

5. – Any player who does not surrender the card once the competition will be penalized with 10 points accumulated in the scoring.

6. – Any player, who repeatedly and without justification, miss playing, once pointed to a competition, played in the three following tests as socio guest, without these three tests puntúen to the annual ranking, besides being punished with 15 points in the cumulative total of the scoring.

7. – The cards signed by the player or marker will be automatically canceled and the holes with deletions are unsigned by the marker.

The Committee sanctioned long as the offense or misconduct is witnessed by a member of the Competition Committee, or filed a complaint in writing by any member of the Club who witnessed the acts punishable.

The penalty may be appealed in writing to the board that will be required to ratify the decision of the Competition Committee or modify this taking a new decision.

o) Prizes: The prize distribution will be announced at least one month before the end of the scoring.

p) How to fill racing cards:

Be binding making cards as follows: The label must also list the hits and punctuation stableford obtained in each of the holes for the player, in a clear and clean, avoiding smudges, that will be rectified and signed individually. Also scored on each hole its own shock and stableford score for possible checks.

q) Competition Committee: It consists of the following partners:

José María Gil Osorio, President

Herrero Ricardo Martinez, Secretary

Donoso and Juan Antonio Gomez Cecilla Toro, Vocals

r) The Board and Competition Committee Marbella Golf Club, reserve the right to modify, extend or cancel any part of this regulation.

Marbella, to January 1, 2014

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